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Interactive Witeboard

  • Multi-Touch Detection
    Multi-Touch Board is the latest interactive whiteboard system that enhances interactive tteaching and collaborative learning. This truly multi-touch whiteboard systemis user-friendly and requires no seperate multi-user mode setting.

    Multi-Touch Board system enables up to ten users to work together on the interactive whiteboard. Users can write, draw and interact with content on the interactive whiteboard simultaneously. This creates even better and more interactive teaching & learning environment.
  • 10 / 6 / 4 / 2 Users Writing & Drawing in Different Colors
    With this new feature up to ten / six / four / dual users can individually write and draw with different colors at the same time. This enhances individual creativity and also encourages true collaborative learning.
  • Writing & Erasing Simultaneously
    This new feature allows user to write & erase at the same time. This enables presentation and collaboration run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Support 3rd Parties Teaching Software
    The Multi -Touch Board system is compatible with other teaching & learning software (e.g. RM Easiteach Software) that enables user to create a more interactive environment.
  • Wireless Connection - Less Cables, More Flexible!
    Just plug the USB Wireless Receiver to a USB port on your computer and you can connect with the TEN -Touch Board and enjoy the interactive experience.